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Poster: Mr. Taborsky Date: Jul 22, 2022 8:25pm
Forum: software Subject: psvita vpk problems

Hello and please help.
The vpk files that are under a gig download and install fine. vpk files over a gig don't download all the way. Lets say a file is 2 gigs in size but only a gig downloads and says it's done. Try and install it but it wont install. Down load the rar file version but once you unrar it, it's not a vpk so unable to instal it. YouTube was no help. When you choose the game file to download you get two choices. Click on the name of choose view. View is the vpk file the name is the rar or zip file. I can't or don't know how to get the rar or zip file to work once uncompacted. What am I donng wrong.

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Poster: MashCache Date: Jul 30, 2022 3:56pm
Forum: software Subject: Re: psvita vpk problems

I'm not sure if this will help you at all. But if you're trying to download things directly from the website you may run into problems with download limitations and things like that. Try using a program like Jdownloader if you aren't already to grab the download links from your copy clipboard and it will download them through there instead of through your browser. I know it sucks having to use a third party program just to download some stuff, but I was having similar problems to this before and this fixed the issue and I even use the program for other things now because it has other features that are helpful for content creation when downloading videos from webpages. By using this method you'll be able to use the Zip file link to download the entire thing at once without using torrents. But I would recommend still using a VPN if you have one.
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